Regional head offices for central and Eastern Europe

Hotlines for service and assistance support:

Railtech sk and Enertech Europe sk are associated members of SCID Engineering group of companies Switzerland. Both companies are located in Slovakia with more production places in central Europe countries.

We operate in the fields of rail and train industry, energy in common fields such hydraulic, nuclear, wind propulsed generators, aeronautics, aerospace, robotic automation chains, extrusion, such as many others areas… steadily using our knowledges in conventional steel materials, stainless steel, special alloy steels.

The website pages will without any doubt illustrate the number of competences offered by our companies such as the quality & qualifications certificates available in the various branches so as for many countries.

Our teams are looking foreward to listen at you, to meet you at your conveniance, to read you by mail in the way to find out the most convinient solutions by taking to consideration your actual and future market requirements in new researches and development.

Our group teams are composed by engineers, technicians and coordination managers offering unique and highly productive such as efficient know-how in welding, machining and assembly for small up to big scale and heavy parts systems.

Our missions are to help in carrying out complex assemblies by using welding and machining at the most competitive prices and technologies met at the level of the world market.